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COA4WDCI is more than just a way to bring Clubs from

around the State of Colorado together.  We are also about

participating in public events to help inform the general public

about responsible OHV recreation

To request COA4WDCI to attend an Event 

or Function you are hosting please 


us for additional information

Attention Everyone,

Here is an IMPORTANT message from our friends at Bighorn Jeep Club:

I just had an extended discussion with Paula Peterson from WRNF and she asked that I get the word out that Holy Cross Road is not open for use this Memorial Day weekend. In fact Homestake Road (which is the access road to the trail) is gated & closed due to both a wash out at 4 mile and the snow level coming down to 7 mile, with snow falling now and more forecast for over the weekend.

You can check additional road status' here and we will try and update if we hear of anything else

3rd Quarter State Meeting 2015

Saturday July 18, 2015

Time: 10:00am


Ridgeway, CO


Hosted by: Wildbunch 4wd Club



The first step in forming a four wheel drive club is to develop interest. The best place to begin is with yourself and a few friends who are equally interested in four wheel drive vehicles. Excellent possibilities for new members are persons who have an interest that can best be served by four wheel drive. Among these are hunters, fishermen, camera enthusiasts.....

Letter From our President

Brian O'Connor


Why Join Club?

I get asked all the time why should I join a club? Well there are many reasons so let me try to share some of them with you.

First, as humans we like belonging to a community, we have for thousands of years. When given the choice we tend to join the community or group of people.... 

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