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Gene W. King, Colorado State Parks OHV Grant sub-committee

Completing an OHV grant application can be intimidating if it’s your first go at it. However, just keep in mind the following simple steps:


1. Determine the project and its scope.
2. Investigate and evaluate the cost of materials involved.
3. Determine the time-line to accomplish the project.
4. Keep it Simple (KISS)


You really don’t need 10,000 words to identify and describe your project (Besides, I don’t want to read all those words!). If you have pictures of what you want to fix, that’s even more ideal. Be sure to include good, clear maps of your project area.


Keep in mind that the sub-committee is made up of people who ride dirt bikes, ATV’s and 4x4’s so they will understand your concerns of what you want to fix or build.


Here some items that are eligible for an OHV grant. This is not an inclusive list:

Reconstruction of trails/4x4 roads, construction of 4x4 roads, safety, education and user information, and capital equipment for performing the above work, etc.


Some items eligible for funding: (again, this is not inclusive):

Support for volunteer labor (drinks, lunches, but not gas or mileage payments), equipment used to build or maintain trails and 4x4 roads, materials and tools for trail work, directional, regulatory, and interpretive signage, crossing structures, bridges, railings, ramps, and fencing, bank stabilization and retaining structures, acquisition of land or permanent easements or trail/road access, reasonable grant administration for non-profit organizations (not to exceed 5% of the grant request, make sure this is documented in your project budget), signage for OHV routes, trail/system planning, engineering, or design by private companies, not NFS personnel, etc.


Things to stay away from: Kiosks (we prefer the grant money be spent on-the-ground), funds for NFS/BLM personnel, no NEPA funding, grant writing, or general overhead costs by federal agencies.


The OHV application is broken down into 4 sections, each section worth up to 25 points for a maximum total of 100 points.


1. Benefits and Education: Describe the objectives of your project and how it will benefit OHV recreation and education. (25 points)

2. Partnerships: Provide evidence of support for this project from trail/road users, agencies, local governments, community groups, or individuals (letters, petitions, news articles, event descriptions, etc. must be attached to your application packet). (25 points)

3. Leverage: List the amounts and sources of funds, in-kind services, materials, and trail acquisition costs for this project that will be used to leverage OHV Registration Grants. (25 points)

• Describe use of volunteers for this project; volunteer labor does qualify as a funding match.
• Donations, contributions, materials and other ways that this project will be leveraged.
• Even though matching funds are not required, it is the policy of the State Trails Committee to encourage contributions to trail projects in order to accomplish as much as possible with the limited grants money available.
• Funds from other types of grants, if any - Examples: GOCO, RTP, or local grants.

4. Environment and Planning: Show how the project aids in the protection or improvement of the environment by fixing any existing problems, avoiding or minimizing impacts of the project, or both; AND describe how this project relates to plans for trail/road development, recreation management, transportation, and other local, state or federal plans. (25 points)

Some examples are:
• Re-vegetation of eroded areas along the trail/road or protecting resources.
• Improving drainage structures to prevent erosion or repair damage from runoff
• Providing educational signs at trailheads and/or along the trail



You are to provide 16 copies of your completed application.

If you and your club are thinking about submitting an OHV grant application, feel free to contact me for assistance.


Gene W. King


To download a copy of the OHV Grant application, go to:, click on “2008 OHV Grant Application”.

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