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COA4WDCI is more than just a way to bring Clubs from

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The main requirement for adopting a 4WD road is a core group within your club that is willing to do the volunteer work involved. Most clubs schedule at least one 'work event' each year per adopted road to maintain their adopted road(s).


Choosing a 4WD road is at the discretion of the Club members and the agency that manages the land that the 4WD road is on. Typically, clubs choose a road the is near their members. Once a road is decided on, contact the proper managing agency (Forest Service, BLM, Dept. of Natural Resources, etc.) and talk with the person responsible for back country recreation or public access. Usually the managing agencies are glad to create a partnership to do maintenance on 4WD roads, but if the chosen road is not feasible, find out what is available.


Once a 4WD road has been decided on by the club and the managing agency, schedule a trip to the road to determine what needs to be addressed. Some common activities related to adopted roads are, water bar maintenance, access control, signing, spur road closures, dispersed camping site designations, and road maintenance.


After all of the issues, concerns, or problems have been resolved, sign the Adopt-A-Road Agreement. The managing agency, the club, and the Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Land Use Chairman should each have a copy of the signed agreement.


After the agreement is signed, stay in contact with the managing agency. By communicating with your contact, any problems or conflicts that arise with the 4WD road will be known by the club. Being involved will allow the club to present alternatives and mitigation measures.


Work trips to maintain the road should be scheduled by the club based on the amount of maintenance required. Most clubs do a Spring and a Fall run on their adopted road to keep up to date on it's condition. If the club decides to sign the adopted road with the signs available through the Colorado Association, permission to place the signs on the road must be obtained from the managing agency.


Use the Adopt-A-Road, Labor & Volunteer Record form by submitting it on-line or printing it our and mailing it to report your clubs volunteer hours invested on the public lands of Colorado to the Land Use Chairman by the end of September of each year. Include the time spent on the following.


  • All meetings with the managing agency related to the road.
  • Time required to reach the road before, and time required to return from the road after work projects.
  • All visits to the road for evaluation and maintenance work.
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