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The Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs has three types of membership(s) available:

  • Club Memberships: Club membership is the primary type of membership in CoA4WDCi. Club who join not only support 4-wheel recreation in Colorado but become members of United Four Wheel Drive Associations making a tighter bond representing 'wheelers everywhere. Member clubs have representatives in their District and help drive the focus and direction of the Association. Each member of the club will receive a Colorado Association Newsletter (Colorado High Trails) and the quarterly United Four Wheel Drive Associations Newsletter (UFWDA Voice).


  • Supporting Memberships: Supporting members are individuals who choose to join the Colorado Association on their own. They may or may not belong to an organized club, but generally feel that they need to make an individual commitment to keeping 4-wheeling alive in the State of Colorado. Supporting members will receive an Association decal/sticker and a membership ID card as well as a subscription to the Colorado Association Newsletter (Colorado High Trails).


  • Associate Memberships: Associate members are the Business sponsors of the Colorado Association in an opportunity to designed to create a tri-partnership between owners of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles, businesses who support Off-Highway Vehicle recreation, and the Colorado Association.
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