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COA4WDCI is more than just a way to bring Clubs from

around the State of Colorado together.  We are also about

participating in public events to help inform the general public

about responsible OHV recreation

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The Trailridge Runners 4WD Club is a group of four wheel drive vehicle enthusiasts who follow the guidelines of Tread Lightly!

We are composed of all types of vehicles; 4Runners, Jeeps, Pickups, Scouts, Pathfinders, Samurais, and all types of people; single, married, families, retired. The interests that draw us together are the history of Colorado, the scenery of the high country, the challenge of the 4WD roads, and the companionship of others with our interests. Our goal on the trail is to get everyone through all difficult areas. We like to run our trips with minimal breakdowns, but we come prepared for those instances.

We are very involved with the public land managing agencies and act as public lands stewards by doing annual Volunteer projects, including 4WD road maintenance, annual Lefthand Canyon Cleanup project, campground re-constructions, picnic ground cleanups, and 4WD road signing projects.

We work to educate others on the proper use of a 4WD sport utility vehicle by team work and teaching newcomers the sport of four wheeling.

We explore the history and scenery of the west. We enjoy casual sight seeing trips, remote camping, challenging 4WD roads, and working together as a team. Our trips range from one day trips to week long excursions. Difficulty levels vary from fall color runs to the high Colorado passes to the rock crawling challenge areas.

The best way to find out more about the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club is to join us at one of our club meetings. They are held once a month, usually the second Friday, at 7:15pm in Longmont, Colorado.

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