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If your part of an already established club then the hard part is over. Simple verify that your club by-laws spell out the charter for your club and then fill out the Club Membership Application and send it in along with a copy of your club roster, with mailing address and phone numbers for each member, a copy of your Articles of Incorporation, a copy of your clubs by-laws and a check or money order for your first year dues made payable to the Colorado Association Of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs.

If you don't already belong to a club and have researched the clubs in your area and don't feel like your group or you fit then check out "How To Form a 4 Wheel Drive Club" and "Sample By-laws" (below these are available in printable format)..

Well, that's it! Now that you are an official club in the state of Colorado, attend the quarterly meetings of the CoA4WDCi, and get involved in your legislative process.

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Club Membership Application:
How To Form A 4 WD Club
Sample By-Laws For A 4WD Club
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