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Jamie Gangestad
27.03.2011 22:42

Adler Publishing

Featured Associate Member 3rd Quarter 2008

Adler Publishing first started when Peter Massey and Jeanne Wilson moved west to Colorado in 1993. They bought a Jeep and started exploring the backroads. The pair saw many amazing sites, such as entire deserted towns and extensive old mine workings in unbelievably remote and difficult terrain. They thought it was astonishing that no one seemed to know much about them. They also discovered how frustratingly easy it was to get lost out there.

Peter and Jeanne realized these sites were historical treasures that should be accessible for anyone to see. So they decided to publish a guidebook that would chronicle their travels through the state. They thought book should keep people on the right track by identifying trails and supplying dependable directions with GPS coordinates (a new technology at the time). They also included interesting and useful historic and reference sections to tell the stories of the amazing ghost towns, mines, and other sites along the trails.

Jeanne and Peter's first book 4WD Adventures: Colorado was published in 1999 and won a number of awards. This popular title has just been replaced with the all NEW, special edition, hardcover Backcountry Adventures Colorado (anticipated in May 2008). The Backcountry Adventures series also has books that cover Arizona, Utah, and California.

Adler Publishing produces many different colorful, high-quality guidebooks for Colorado and other western states. The books in the Adventures series describe in great detail the best 4WD roads for a number of different states. Recently, Adler Publishing developed the Trails series - handier, smaller, color books that contain routes found in the Adventures series, compiled in a compact format and priced competitively. In the series, there are over 796 destinations and 14,380 miles of trails to explore. Adler also publishes a series of Colorado outdoor guides for nearly every backcountry activity imaginable, whether it be hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting, or four-wheeling.

This spring, Adler Publishing is coming out with an all NEW, special edition, hardcover Backcountry Adventures Colorado. The book will include details for more than 145 of Colorado’s best scenic backroads and 4WD trails. In addition to the histories, descriptions, GPS coordinates, concise listings of driving time, elevation, difficulty rating, and color photographs typical of the Adventures series, Backcountry Adventures Colorado includes detailed topographic maps with each trail. Adler Publishing is also venturing into a new state with the publication of Nevada Trails West at the end of the summer.

Adler Publishing is a member of United Four Wheel Drive Associations. The company donates a number of their books to local 4-wheeling organizations for use in various raffles and fundraising activities.

 » Associate of the Quarter  » Adler Publishing
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