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COA4WDCI is more than just a way to bring Clubs from

around the State of Colorado together.  We are also about

participating in public events to help inform the general public

about responsible OHV recreation

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Board Of Directors
Preside at all regular meetings, appoint committee chairperson(s) as necessary to carry on activities of the Assoc.,Act upon correspondence brought to his attention, Call four quarterly Board of Director meetings each year, Has power to call special Board of Directors meetings at his discretion, Signer on general operating expense disbursement bank account, Work with Treasurer & Board on annual budget, Maintain & encourage relations with other organizations with like interests, Maintain communication with all Committees, Prepare written report to be published quarterly in The Colorado High Trails.
Immediate Past President
Assist the newly elected president during the transition into office beginning on January 1 of each year, Maintain continuity in projects started during his tenure, Further the goals established by the Association into the future.
Vice President
One shall be elected first VP, during absence of the President, First VP shall preside at regular meetings, make regular visitations to member clubs in your district, be a liaison between the clubs in your and the Association, solicit and recruit new member clubs to the Assoc. & assist in helping form new clubs in district, write & forward to the editor of the Colorado High Trails a quarterly VP report, schedule and preside over a minimum of four meetings in your district annually, attend, if possible, all member clubs special events, maintain contact with Association Members in your district, promote the Association at local functions.
Maintain membership records in cooperation with Newsletter Editor's data base, maintain Association records and preserve historical documents,send out notice of meetings, prepare quarterly meeting agendas, call roll in meeting in the absence of Parliamentarian,maintain records of all meetings and there minutes, mail minutes of meetings to Board Members and Committee Chairs within fourteen days following the meeting, maintain correspondence in regards to applications for club membership, act upon correspondence brought to his/hers attention, prepare scholarship application for Board of Directors review, sign and distribute membership cards at the July meeting, mail cards to clubs not in attendance following the July meeting, inventory and maintain adequate office supplies needed to perform duties of the office, order plaque for the Four Wheeler of the year trophy and jacket for Colorado Four Wheeler of the year, authorized as a signer for the business accounts.
Have custody of all Association funds, submit actual financial reports showing income and expenditures for the last period at the four quarterly meetings, make sufficient copies of quarterly financial report for Delegates, Officers and Committee Chairs, monies received shall be deposited, all expenditures approved or pre-approved by delegates vote shall be paid by check, list all checks as part of quarterly report, have payable checks signed by any two of three designated officers, reconcile bank accounts monthly, sales tax reporting-quarterly, prepare annual budget with board input, file income tax forms annually, prepare biennial corporate report, prepare quarterly Colorado sales tax report, print Associate member and Supporting member reports for chairpersons as requested.
Keep meetings within the framework of the by-laws, SOP, Roberts rules of order newly revised, call roll of club delegates at the start of the quarterly meeting and after the meetings break, maintain current inventory of delegate badges and voting pennants, maintain by-laws and SOP.
Committee Chairs
Office Manager
Responds to all telephone calls,retrieves messages from the answering machine, responds to mail and inquiries received. Delegates call information to Board and Committee Chairpersons as needed. Forwards information packets in a timely manner for CoA4WDCi and COHVCO. Takes telephone orders for map books and other store merchandise.
Maintains office equipment.
Supporting Member
Recruit Supporting Members. Maintain records of former and current Supporting members. Send renew notices when due. Frequent contact with database manager to exchange address changes. Mail welcome letter, decal, patch, membership cards and magnet to new members. Cross reference with the Treasurer's account analysis for renewal payment of dues. Submit report/article in news. Present report to voting delegates at quarterly meetings and seek motion to drop non-renewals after 90 days overdue. Mail Raffle tickets to Supporting Members.
Associate Member
Recruit Associate Members. Maintain records of former and current Association Members. Send renewal notices when due. Order and deliver/mail Association Member plaques annually. Mail The Colorado High Trails to Associate Members. Mail raffle tickets to Associate Members. Coordinate/arrange for pickup or mail-in of raffle stubs and monies with District VP's. Present Committee report at each meeting. All the above should be done as a committee.
Colorado High Trails Editor (Newsletter)
The Editor shall collect items of interest. Edit all content of submitted items. Layout and make newsletter camera ready. Arrange for printing. Maintain membership database for mailing. Deliver to
printer. Pickup printed piece and deliver to mailing house. Arrange and be contact to mailing house. Procure funds as necessary to maintain funds in USPS account and maintain standard permit with USPS.
Raffle Manager
The Raffle Manager needs to be certified by the Colorado Secretary of State as a raffle manager. Apply for the current year's raffle license in January. Gather raffle ticket information before tickets are approved and printed. Information required is a list of prizes, time, date and location of raffle drawing, license number, print and submit sample ticket as well as show proof of ownership of raffle vehicle to Secretary of State. Get approval of tickets from Secretary of State before printing. Upon approval, order 30,000 to 40,000 raffle tickets, Have raffle tickets printed before first official CoA4WDCi event (RV Sport,Boat and Travel show). File quarterly raffle reports with Secretary of State along with appropriate fees by due date. Gather all raffle ticket monies (unless money has been accounted for) to turn over to the Association Treasurer. Process all mail order requests for tickets. Make sure the raffle ticket tumbler is at the 4th quarterly delegate meeting. Make sure all raffle tickets received. before the drawing time and date as indicated on the ticket are in the tumbler at the time of the drawing, this means counting and processing tickets during the 4th quarterly meeting. Make certain that the drawing is held at the designated date, time and place as stated on the ticket. Notify all winners. Make sure all prizes are properly awarded. A 4th quarterly raffle report will need to be filed with the Secretary of State, and all fees paid prior to getting a new raffle license for the up coming year. Present status report at all meetings.
Marketing Chairperson
The Marketing Chairperson is to sell the CoA4WDCi to the public via personal contact, publications and media. State the Association's position on issues at gatherings within other motorized and non-motorized groups. Work with other 4WD clubs to resolve issues within the CoA4WDCi. Keep abreast of current land use issues. Submit an annual budget to the BOD .Recruit committee members as needed. Call regular committee meetings. Delegate assignments to committee members. Make status report to BOD and Delegates. Submit articles for each issue of Colorado HIgh Trails.
Promotion Chairperson
The Promotion Chairperson should work toward gaining new members (Associate,Supporting and Club). Interface with club building the raffle vehicle. Update the "how to build a raffle vehicle" handbook as well as providing a copy to the building club. Assist vehicle building club with procuring after market accessories. Provide persons and organizations who donate after market parts with proper and adequate advertising, promotions and appreciation.
Event Planner
Is to contact and work with District VP's or a local club to prepare a meeting schedule. Find and reserve a suitable meeting/conference room for the four quarterly meetings. Negotiate meal/meeting space/room accommodations as needed for the occasion. Recruit a local club or district to handle registration, door prizes, trail rides, decorations and local details. In cooperation with the local club/district, prepare meeting notice/registration to be published in the Colorado High Trails prior to the newsletter publishing deadlines in December, March, June and September. Send prepared notice to the Secretary for record. Contact the club building the raffle vehicle and make arrangements for their October raffle drawing meeting before January so to print raffle tickets in February. Arrange location for the four quarterly BOD meetings and notify Secretary for record and to notify BOD and Committee Chair's. Find and reserve location(s) for any CoA4WDCi event's.
Primary responsibility of the Historian is to write or compile a chronological record of events to preserve the history of the CoA4WDCi in written and photographic detail in an orderly fashion. Prepare anticipated monetary needs for supplies to included in the annual budget. Recruit committee members. Hold committee work project meetings to assemble materials. Collect and maintain a file of past newsletter issues. Collect photographs of CoA4WDCi events from members through their clubs for inclusion into a historical album. Collect existing historical photos, newsletters, documents and awards to be maintained in a central location. Present a current status report and collect photos at the 4 quarterly meetings. Attend many Association and club events to document and preserve history of activities.
The Store Chairperson is the director of the Association store. Set up store at quarterly meetings and other events that may present an opportunity to sell merchandise. Give sales receipt to buyer and a copy to Treasurer with monies collected. Collect Colorado sales tax. Comparison shop for items, especially logo items. Maintain stock, especially of CoA4WDCi, United and Tread Lightly! patches and decals. Inventory items quarterly for Treasurer.
The Landuse Chairperson maintains a communication network with other individuals in the member clubs of the CoA4WDCi, who are interested in land use activities. Landuse activities are those related to the protection of public access to public lands, and are most specifically related to the protection of 4WD roads. Land use activities can be commenting on proposed projects, attending managing agency planning meetings, researching 4WD road history and ownership, working with state and federal agencies, mitigation of resource impacts, and 4WD road hosting. The landuse chairperson shall give a written report to be published in the Colorado High Trails, as well as a written report to distributed at the 4 quarterly meetings for the delegates and guests. The landuse chairperson shall give a short update and status on landuse issues at the 4 quarterly meetings as well as the 4 BOD meetings. The landuse chairperson should be encouraged to attend the United landuse conference as well as public land managing agencies meetings as the representative for the CoA4WDCi. These meetings can include open houses, forest planning meetings, public comment meetings,etc.


The Adopt-A-Road Coordinator will administer the CoA4WDCi Adopt-A-Road Program. This includes maintaining and collecting Adopt A Road agreements, assisting clubs in adopting 4WD roads, maintaining a list of 4WD roads that have been adopted and those that need adopting (orphaned). They will also maintain a file on each adopted 4WD road that includes signed agreements, historical maps and data and any other pertinent documents that relate to the adopted road.

They will track the member club volunteer work on public lands. Total hours for the CoA4WDCi will be published the Colorado High Trails. Each club hours will be totaled and divided by their total members, as of September of each year to determine the total hours per member of each club. This will determine the ranking of the top three clubs for the volunteer hours. Plaques will be presented to the top three clubs at the 4th quarterly meeting. By Oct.1st of each year (year end for Fed. agencies) the LUC will produce a report to the managing agencies describing the volunteer hour's donated to the public lands by the member clubs of the CoA4WDCi.

The COHVCO Representative shall prepare status report on issues involving 4 wheel drive activities.act as liaison between COHVCO and CoA4WDCi. Attends monthly COHVCO meetings (3rd Wednesday of each month,7:00 pm at Fay Meyer's Motorcycle, 2015 West Alameda ave, Denver)
Tread Lightly!
The Tread Lightly! Representative reports to the BOD and CoA4WDCi members and Delegates about recent and continuing projects and information concerning Tread Lightly!. Prepares a written article for the Colorado High Trails quarterly. Maintains inventory of educational materials and trash bags to give to CoA4WDCi delegates to hand out to there club members. Actively participates on a committee level for Tread Lightly!. Participates in Tread Lightly! projects as requested. Sell the CoA4WDCi principles to the Tread Lightly! members and visa versa. Promote responsible advertising regarding off-highway recreational vehicles. Attend Tread Lightly! annual conference as a delegate from the CoA4WDCi.
United Four Wheel Drive Associations

The Delegates to United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA) will represent the entire CoA4WDCi membership at UFWDA annual meetings. To keep abreast of all UFWDA activities as well as their association activities, so they can answer questions asked to them by either association. To answer any and all correspondence they receive from members and officers of either association. To submit articles to UFWDA's Voice and also to their Association newsletter as apolitical. To see that their landuse coordinator keeps UFWDA informed on there state land matters. To see that their association committees keep UFWDA's parallel committee informed. To solicit special membership and encourage donations to help support UFWDA. To support any and all UFWDA programs. To advise the editor of their association newsletter of the names and address of current or newly elected officers which shall be added to their mailing list. To inform UFWDA's office of meeting dates in advance of said meeting. To keep UFWDA's BOD up to date on any urgent issues