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With attendance at less then expected, the 1st Quarter Meeting of 2015 was still a success.  There were numerous

Door Prizes to be won, so for those that either made a

donation for the chance or if they tried their luck at the Casino Night there was a good chance of walking away with one

of the many great Door Prizes.  

The BIG winner of the Casino Night with an outstanding $13,000 in virtual money,

that earned him 130 Door Prize Tickets was 

"Ray Comeau"

of the Trail Ridge Runners out of Longmont.


Even with so many tickets to his advantage Ray still did not will all the prizes.

We hope to see more of you at the next Quarterly Meeting and remember

even if you are not in a Local Club you can still Attend and Support the State Association.

Hello all Member Clubs

As you can see we are trying to update COA4WDCI website

and are in need of your assistance. 

We could use some new pictures and articles from each of you to help in the process.

So PLEASE send us any pictures you want to see published 

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Colorado FourWheelers: China Wall Night Run/After Christmas Party 1/10/2015

By; Tony Cobb Photos courtesy of Tony Cobb

Trip report and pics from the China Wall night run after the christmas party 1/10/15. 

James and Chrystie Marden led the trip. We left Southside Johnny's around 8:30PM after the Club Christmas Party. We all met up at the turn off to CR77 where the group aired down. We started the trip with 4 members and 5 guests. During the trip to the trail one of the guest rigs lost fuel pressure so we were able to get him off to the side of the road and he jumped in another rig for the trail run. We entered China Wall through the first entrance and followed the trail through the rock gardens and then turned around at the last big single rock obsticale. We made our way back to the trail split and took the trail down through box canyon and out the third entrance. Daniel and Robert left the group at the trail split to meet Chris with the car trailer to recover Robert's rig. We could not have asked for a better night for the run. We had clear skies, 21 degree temps with no wind. The trail was in great shape with a couple of inches of snow which made it even more challenging. Huge thanks to Daniel Weischedel, Chris Denton, and James and Chrystie Marden for loading up and getting Robert's rig back to town. James and Chrystie opened up RnR Offroad shop on Sunday so Robert could replace his failed fuel pump!! Another great Colorado Four Wheelers Trail run!!!



From our Friends at Grand Mesa Jeep Club!


This was just sent over to us by the PLAA

Many Routes in the area were illegally closed over the Years by private land owners.  As time went on,

some of the land changed hands and historically they believe the closures were legal.

Through the efforts of the PLAA, many of these routes will be opened back up.  The legal means to open these routes is called RS2477, and basically documents the history of the route,

and if it was built as a public access route.  We support the PLAA, in the re-opening of 9.8 road.


Contact information from image:

If you or anyone you know once utalized 9.8 Road to access the Timber Ridge area,

We want to speak with you/them ASAP!

Please Call 970-250-5162 or visit our wesite 

Thank You!

Fun in the Snow 


"The Mountaineers"


December 21, 2014 started out looking like it was going to be a good day with fair weather when the Mountaineers and guests began to meet at the regular meeting location.  With two members already on their way up the Canton the other 11 left from North Fort Collins to begin our days adventure to Crown Point Road in hopes of making it all the way through and even making our nemesis “Black Hollow”, as it seems we can never make it any further than the entrance of Black Hollow.

            As the convoy started up Poudre Canyon there was not much activity, but could see signs of small amounts of snow around as we gained elevation.  As we drove past the entrance to Kelly Flats we seen Jake Thoen and the Trust Orange Bronco unloading to join us in the adventure.  As we turned off of Poudre Canyon onto Pingree Park Road we began to see more signs of snow and the wind began to pick up.  We had reached the turn off for Crown Point to find our other member Kyle Eddy unloading his almost trusty Scout from its trailer.

            After a quick stop to let everyone air down and lock in the hubs, we started up Crown Point being led by our Club President Jim.   For the first couple miles we were beginning to wonder if we would be able to find any challenge in the days trip, as there was minimal snow with the occasional 4-6 inch deep drift.

            As we passed Salt Cabin Trail the snow began to get deeper and deeper.  We had the advantage of having one member along with us that was just up there 2 weeks prior (don Maresh), that informed us that there was definitely more snow then there was on his last trip.  Once we started to get closer to Black Hollow and the snow was getting even deeper our Trail Leader was having to make his way through the original 12 inches of snow as well as the fresh 6-8 inches that had fallen.


            As we approached Black Hollow and rounded the corner it was realized we most likely would not be making it any further yet again.  The drifts at Black Hollow and beyond we already reaching 3-5 feet in depth and went for as far as one could see.  After playing in the deep drifts for about an hour with not much forward progress to be spoke of, it was decided that half of the group would start making their way back down and heading to Sevenmile to check the conditions there, while the ones with the bigger tires stayed to try their luck a little longer.

            For the ones that remained at Crown Point the fun was just beginning, as it became a winch and tug fest fro the next 2-3 hours. By the end of the debacle on Crown Point Don had managed to back into the trust Orange Bronco denting his tail gate and breaking a tail light, Scott Rilley managed to get stock in a 5 foot drift that was flowing into the bed of his rig, and then there was Kyle Eddy that some how managed to snap the tail cone off of his transfer case in the Not so Trusty Scout!  Lets just say he was glad he had his trailer parked as close as he did.1501175_10203410985337735_8514002243895723912_o

(To be Continued with the Sevenmile Trip)

The Rest of the Story

            When the back of the pack got up the Black Hollow intersection, all we could do was to park our vehicles and watch the carnage going on in the snow drifts above us.  After about an hour of watching and waiting, it was very evident that we would never even come close to getting a couple of vehicles through the drifts, let alone all twelve of us.  Five “back of the packers” still wanted to do some wheeling and with the blessing of the trip leader the five headed to Seven Mile. 

            As soon as we got to a lower elevation we left behind the blizzard conditions and the winds were calm.  On Seven Mile, all we had was packed snow and the creek wasn’t completely frozen over.  The trip to the upper meadow was mostly a drive through.  We went to see if the gate on Stump Hill was open, it was.  There was about 6 to 8 inches of fresh snow on the trail.  He who can resist anything but temptation (Jim B.) was the first to break trail and made it to the top. A guest (Tim) and Craig also made the trip to the top. 

            All in all, it was another fun day of wheeling for the Mountaineers!


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