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Bighorn 4x4 Club of Colorado Springs is a family oriented club established in 1979. We are dedicated four-wheelers interested in the promotion of 4x4 recreation, conservation of our natural resources, and community involvement. We adhere to "Tread Lightly!" which promotes responsible use of our nation's public and private lands.

As a club, we have many pre-planned local four-wheel drive trips, two to three day campouts and social get-togethers. We also coordinate week-long trips to places such as Moab and Canyonlands area in Utah, Farmington and Las Cruces, New Mexico and the San Juan Mountains, Colorado. Some of the activities we have participated in during the club's existence include the Peterson 4 Wheel & Off-Road 4xFun Fest, Pikes Peak Y-Camp Shadybrook annual clean-up, Silver Key Thanksgiving and Christmas food and gift delivery, Parents Without Partners campouts, Add-A-Man Club recovery off of Pikes Peak on New Years Eve, hospital emergency personnel delivery during inclement weather, and the State Four-Wheel Drive Association organized March of Dimes and Heart Fund Rallies. We have partnered with the Forest Service on road maintenance, mapping, erosion control, planting signs, and Adopt-A-Roads. We strive to improve communication with Forest Service personnel to better land management.

We are members of the Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs Inc., and the United Four Wheel Drive Associations, Inc. Together we work for the common interest of preserving four-wheel drive roads throughout the United States. We have been able to enjoy majestic scenery from the deepest canyons and from the tops of the highest peaks, attainable with four-wheel drive vehicles.

We are open to all four-wheel drive trucks, from bone-stock to the highly modified. Trips are rated according to difficulty, so you know what is appropriate for your vehicle.

If exploring scenic and challenging four-wheel drive trails, socializing with other four-wheelers in a family atmosphere, or sitting around the old campfire after a day of trail riding sharing laughs and swapping tall tales interest you, contact us to join in on the fun!

Required items for a run are: four-wheel drive vehicle in good repair, valid drivers license, registration and insurance, seat belts, fire extinguisher, full size spare tire, jack, lug wrench, tow hooks or clevis, first aid kit, water and basic tools.

Requirements for membership are: participation on two club runs, one meeting, and three club member's sponsorships. Associate membership (non-voting) requires one club member's sponsorship and dues.

Bought a new (or old) 4x4 and you wonder where you can go and what you can do with it? Wheelin' with a club 'is a great way to learn off-highway driving skills and your vehicle's capabilities. If you are just starting out or are an experienced 4-wheeler, the Colorado Four Wheelers may be the answer to all your questions.

We've been enjoying recreational off-highway riding since 1968. The club provides a wide variety of activities, from fun days and picnics to extreme rockcrawling. You can draw on the many years of driving experience and technical knowledge of the membership on vehicles ranging from vintage Jeeps and Broncos, to Scouts, Cherokees, Samurais, to the newest TJ. The vehicles range from bone stock to some very sophisticated rockcrawlers.

We have a yearly run schedule that usually includes trips to Moab, Utah; Mt. Blanca; Holy Cross; Pearl Pass; Iron Chest; and Chinaman's Gulch, to name a few in Colorado. In between, we might explore the mining districts of the San Juans or picnic in the Platte River Gulches. Members have fun organizing spontaneous runs such as campouts, fishing, ice racing, social runs, etc.

We are civic-minded, and support such non-profit groups such as Silver Key's Meals on Wheels, Christmas for Kids, the EL Paso County Search & Rescue group, and participate in the AdAmAn Club's pickup off Pikes Peak on New Year's Eve. We actively work to support the BLM and the Forest Service on land issues. The club performs trail building and maintenance on our two
Adopt-A-Trails; Longwater and Metberry Gulches.

We are active members of the Colorado Associate of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs Inc. We have members who are delegates and who hold Committee chairs. We are pro-active in doing what we can to protect our natural resources for our enjoyment and the enjoyment for descendants who follow.

The Colorado Four Wheelers is family oriented, located in Colorado Springs. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The winter months will find us meeting in a local restaurant and the summer meetings are cookouts with a potluck with the club providing burgers, dogs, and all the trimmings. We offer two types of membership: (1) VOTING - for those wanting to actively participate in the direction of the club by holding voting rights and/or office, (2) ASSOCIATE -for those who just want four-wheeling camaraderie or who are out of town members.

Many of our members also participate in our private club egroups where we fellowship with one another, share ideas, make wheelin' plans, and stay "in-the-Ioop" with the hottest of what's happening. Why, you can even read some interesting tall tales being told on our egroups! We offer a "bone award" to those members who have gotten more "air" in their thinking, than under their wheels. In other words. ..they did something very embarrassing while out on a run-and our fun-Iovin’-razzing goes right along with that special award!

Whether your interest is in photography, fishing, visiting old ghost towns, or just rough and tumble four-wheeling, you will find that our trips offer something for each and everyone, individual and/or family. Pets are welcome, too!

Hello fellow four-wheelers and thanks for stopping a moment to read a little more about our group.

The Colorado Rock Hoppers was formed is 1997 with a membership totaling 6. Our current membership total is 17. We have a wide variety of vehicles ranging from 70's something Jeeps, to Rock Buggies, and Land Rovers.

We have members who have held office with the Colorado Assoc. of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs and also have many members who are very active in land use issues.

The club has developed and adopted Independence trail system. Our club worked with the BLM and local business owner Jerry Panek of Predator 4WD to obtain a grant to build the Independence trail system. This grant money has enabled the club to build signs, buy cabling and a pionjar. The grant money was funded in part from the State Trails program which comes from Lottery funds as well as Federal funds. The pionjar, a rock drill, has been used to drill and mount many winch points throughout the trail. Several signs have been posted that detail the type of equipment needed along with the difficulty of the trail. This trail system is a great example of how to work in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management or any other land managing agency to meet their requirements while still providing a challenging 4-wheel drive experience. The club and Predator 4WD, along with many interested 4-wheelers have work weekends at 1east twice a year to maintain Independence and several thousand hours in development. A good time is had by all of these weekends. If your club is in need of the pionjar, it can be rented, please contact the number below for more information.

We take annual trips to Moab in the spring and fall. We have members who attend the Chili Challenge in Las Cruises, NM and a few members have competed in the Rock Crawling Challenge. Our club members prefer the most skill challenging trails for their well prepared vehicles and driving skills. ,

Our club built the CA4WDCI raffle vehicle for 1999. It brought in a record high profit for land use funds and scholarships.

We are also involved in the "Christmas for Kids" program through the Human Services Department in Colorado Springs. We have been involved with this program for the past five years. Each year the Southern District 4-Wheel Drive Clubs are given a list of approximately 350 kids. Our club usually sponsors between 50 and 75 kids. The club solicits donations from businesses, individuals and club members. We are given a list of the kids, ages and what they would like. A shopping and wrapping day is planned. We break up into groups and tackle the list. Then a parade is scheduled that winds throughout Colorado Springs and eventually ends up at the Human Services building. The gifts are dropped off to the Social Workers and they distribute them to the children.

Last year over 160 vehicles were involved in the parade and the Southern District clubs provided for over 400 of kids. Providing for these kids is the best experience of the year for our club.

So if you're looking for a club or just passing through and need someone to call, we will try to accommodate.

Colorado Springs Christian 4 Wheelers, Inc., exists as a club to allow for wonderful times together in off-road activities with fellow believers. The association began in the spring of 1993. Our philosophy includes the belief that we are to invite our neighbors and co-workers to join with us in any of our events so that we are involved intentionally in reaching out to other members of our community.

As Christians we desire to always uphold the law in regards to such things as: obeying the speed limit, staying clear of no trespassing or posted areas, staying on the trail when so marked, packing it in and packing it all out, adhering to the national Tread Lightly program and state organization of 4WD clubs, etc.

Our desire is to help each other and our fellow man at all times. We want to be model off-roaders. God has created a mighty work of art in the Rocky Mountains. Every Christian needs to be balanced in life with his spiritual self, his family, his work, and his recreational activities.

Micah 4:2 says, "Come, let us go up to the mountains." We all need times of refreshing; the mountains, streams, and wooded hills remind us of the promises of God and of how faithfully He provides. Let's go up -- and see it, hear it, breathe it in, and most of all, feel it and experience it. Who knows? It may help change you forever!

The Ridge Runners is a family-oriented four-wheel club that loves adventure. We are located in Southern Colorado, just a short drive away from some of Colorado's best trails and most breathtaking scenery.

On Our website site you will find some of our favorite trails, find out a little about our members and even view our calendar and upcoming trail runs.

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