This year we are planning on some changes for COA4WDCI, one of which is a Public Lands Day(s).  below you will find an outline of the tentative event and we will release more information as it is planned out.  Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.


      The thought process behind organizing a Public Lands Day(s) for the Colorado

Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs in more then just the recognition we as the State

Association and Clubs would receive from the community. It is also about bringing each

of the Clubs through out the Organization together in a joint effort to help maintain our

trails. Through working together we all can get a better understanding of how each of the

Clubs are run, as not one club is just like the next they all have their differences.




1. Set a date(s) for the Event to take place

     a. July 9th and 10th 2016

     b. Decide on which trails in each of the Districts need attention 1- 4 Trails

         that have not been adopted in each of the 4 Districts

     c. Vote on Trail Leaders to Supervise each of the trails being worked on


2. Get EVERY Club involved with the event

     a. Every Club in the State Association should be involved in the planning

         process in your District

     b. Get those outside of the Clubs involved as well


3. Organize Event with the managing Land Agency

     a. Contact the Managing Land Agency involved with the planning and

         promoting of the event


4. Promote the Event throughout the State of Colorado

     a. Club Newsletters

     b. Facebook Pages

     c. Twitter

     d. Flyers

     e. Contact Local Vendors and Shops to Promote and Contribute/Donate

         towards the Events in their areas


5. Have a successful day helping to make our trails better and cleaner


6. Submit in Volunteer Hours

     a. Each Club will be responsible for turning in their hours volunteered for

         this Event, so each of the Clubs that participate will get their hours



         (ALL Steps Outlined Above will be overseen by the Individual District VP’s)



It is through this Event and others that we hope to bring the State Association back to what it once was. An Organization that brought the Local Clubs together throughworking together and helping to promote each other.